Learn Japanese calligraphy and make your unique calligraphic T-shirt!

Togenuki Jizo calligraphy class



▼About this lesson


In this lesson, you can learn about and experience doing calligraphy, a Japanese traditional culture.
After trying the experience, you can take home your work (your name or a word that you wanted to write), printed on a “unique calligraphy T-shirt” as a souvenir.

You will begin by learning about the basic knowledge of calligraphy, how to hold a brush, the correct posture, explanation of the four tools necessary for calligraphy, and an introduction on the history of calligraphy.
After that, you will practice writing a beautiful calligraphy under the guidance of the instructor.

We will also serve Kaminari-okoshi, a Japanese traditional confectionery, and Japanese tea.


▼ Three benefits of learning calligraphy

1. You can focus your mind and improve your ability to concentrate.

It is very important to sometimes disengage from our daily routine at work and home.

It is possible to calm your mind by doing calligraphy.
We naturally focus our minds when writing the characters.
In addition, we can shut off the noise around us when we are concentrating, giving us a synergistic effect in increasing our ability to center our minds!

With an improved ability to concentrate, you can also center your mind and improve your inner effectiveness.
I believe you will find so many benefits from being able to center your mind and enhance your concentration ability,
and it is obvious that you will experience a very positive effect on your work, study etc.!

2. Improve the ability to analyze and express oneself

When studying calligraphy, we write characters based on examples.
By writing characters based on examples,
we can see the differences between the examples and the characters that we wrote,
thus allowing us to observe and analyze what we have written.

For example, you may think like the following when you analyze the differences between an example and character that you wrote.

Is the overall balance of the character different?
How about the empty space?
Are the line qualities the same? Is it too fat? Is it too thin?
How about the spacing between characters?
How about the breathing pause?

And many other things. By analyzing the characters that you wrote, you can also perform an analysis of your inner self.
If you understand it, you will understand your mental situation through the characters that you wrote.
The letter represents all of yourself.

You can see everything!

After that, if you can analyze your results and write according to the model, you will be able to expand the range of expression of the characters.
Your expression skills will improve.
You can feel that you are growing spiritually when you do calligraphy.

3. You can directly appreciate the words of great historical figures.

The basis to learn calligraphy is to write characters based on examples.
There are two ways to do this, the first is to learn based on a teacher’s characters and the second is to learn based on classical works (the method known as Rinsho).

By doing Rinsho, it is possible to directly appreciate the historical figures who wrote the examples thousands of years ago.
If you only want to simply know those words, you can just see the collection of famous words that you can find anywhere, but through calligraphy, you can directly appreciate the actual work that the person wrote.

You can face the work what was actually made by a famous historical directly.
In other words, it is a living testimony.
You will feel more interested to know an era’s background.

There are many other things, but I only gave you three examples.


Duration: about 2 hours


Price: 8,640JPY 

(Including T-shirt fee)



Emi Kato


Hi, my name is Emi.

When I was young, I received training my mother, who was a calligrapher, and I became familiar with calligraphy.

I majored in calligraphy during high school and college.

After I graduated from college, I have been involved in various activities related to calligraphy, such as managing a calligraphy class myself, teaching while writing books about calligraphy, ink wash painting (a form of calligraphy) demonstration, and many others.

My life is dedicated to calligraphy.

I am thrilled to be able to disseminate calligraphy as a traditional Japanese culture to the world.



I have been learning calligraphy since I was young, and I learned it seriously during high school and college in a calligraphy department.

After graduation, I worked as a calligraphy teacher at a high school for 4 years, and I am currently managing a calligraphy class, delivering cultural lectures, teaching part-time at high schools, and doing many other activities.

I am looking forward to seeing you!

Fuyou Nagashima


Miki Nemoto

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