▼About the lesson

In the lesson, you will learn
about calligraphy and experience it,
as a part of Japanese traditional culture.
After experiencing it,
you can take home your own personal
work of art (your name or a word that
you want to write will be translated into
Japanese by our instructor) printed on
a "unique calligraphy T-shirt"as a souvenir.

calligraphy T-shirt guest&calligraphy T-shirt

We will also serve Kaminari-okoshi,
a Japanese traditional sweets, and Japanese tea.


▼ What's calligraphy.

Calligraphy is form of Japanese traditional art that expresses kanji and kana characters artistically.
Calligraphy practitioners focus their minds and express their emotions through their brushstrokes.

You will begin by learning about the basic knowledge of calligraphy, how to hold a brush, the correct posture, explanation of the four tools necessary for calligraphy, and an introduction on the history of calligraphy.

writing character
guest and teacher
guest and teacher
various characters

▼Three benefits of learning calligraphy

1. You can focus your mind and improve your ability to concentrate.

2. You can improve your ability to analyze and express oneself.

3. You can directly appreciate the words of great historical figures.

And many more!

writing character
teacher's smile